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Insurance it is not a matter to be treated lightly. The whole purpose of it is to make certain that we can recover financially when disaster strikes, and disaster can take many different shapes and forms, some of which can be easily predicted and some which cannot. As a consequence an insurance policy is an extremely complex legal document running into very many pages of, sometimes, very difficult text to interpret into plain English! The consequences of picking the wrong policy or finding oneself under insured at claim time could be financially crippling and yet it is an accepted fact that the overwhelming majority of people never read, and never have read, an insurance document. The majority of people do not buy a policy because of what the policy covers, they buy it on how much the policy costs and this is a potential formula for ruin. Along with the rise of the Internet has come the rise of the price comparison websites and in general these have proved very advantageous to shoppers who are searching for bargains. Indeed, where a shopper knows exactly which product is required it is a simple matter to use a comparison website to find the lowest cost supplier of that product. The problem comes when we look at something as complex as an insurance policy because no two policies are exactly the same. A shopper buying insurance in this way could quite possibly find that although some policies appear cheaper than others the actual cover that is being paid for is inferior.

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